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Unlock Your Mass Email

Double Your Open Rate
Your messages actually arrive in the inbox of your recipients
Automate Your Marketing
Schedule your campaigns, then set-it-and-forget-it
Behavior-Based Personalization
Deliver HTML personalized newsletters and perfectly timed announcements
Amp Your Open Rate If 2x the Readers Open Your Email, it is Like Growing
Your List 4x

Extraordinary Design and Simplicity


MavacaMail’s extraordinary design will double your email open rate over the course of a year.



Automated Open Rate and Click Reporting
Sent to You After a Campaign - Without You Having to Login Anywhere

Email has been around for 20 years now, and high-performance companies are facing new challenges maximizing relationship engagement. Email lists are depreciating greater than 15% per year, recipients of email still feel overwhelmed with the vast irrelevance and poor timing of traditional communications, and even companies relying on a strong brand are seeing open rates decline.

What does a 200% greater open rate mean for your bottom line this year? If you're using mailchimp, constant contact, or aweber for email, you may have noticed that your mass emails are being delivered to gmail's promotions tab, affecting the open rates. The Mavaca mass mail system avoids this pitfall and your message makes it right to the gmail inbox with high deliverability.

"We signed up for a free trial of Mavaca to send email, and within the first few weeks we saw our response and open rates increase substantially."
David Kottler, JD

Event Management Plugins Offering Multiple Offline Response Opportunities ...
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Create a One-Click
RSVP Invite



I wasn't planning on using the event management features, but when you can invite people to a webinar and track RSVPs in a few minutes, you're thinking, that was really easy-Alpaca Nation

GET GREATER RESPONSE FOR YOUR WEBINARS AND LIVE EVENTS-Turn your email experience into a magically crafted masterpiece by offering multiple offline response opportunities.

Behavioral Based Email Delivery We Send Your Message When it is Most Likely to Be Opened

Behavior Rhythms Behavior Based Personalization

  • Time Optimized Email Blast +

    A learning system sends the email to each customer at the time they are most likely to be read. Read More
  • Dynamic Content +

    Automatically adjusting email subjects and content based on up-to-date results Read More
  • Optimal Secondary Marketing +

    Set triggers to your heart’s content: each recipient is defining the level of interaction they want from your company Read More
  • Adapt to Behavioral Rhythms +

    Sync to each of your recipient’s behavioral rhythm, don't just bombard them with email! Read More
  • Determine High Interest Recipients +

    Receive notifications regarding who should be flagged for offline channels Read More
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Mavaca Is Luxury Email Make Your Brand The Exceptional Star In the Universe


With easy to operate campaigns, offline plugins, integrated event management features, PDF-to-paper mail, and even hand written cards, Mavaca offers a new dimension in luxury relationship management.

Read More


Set it and forget it! Create email campaigns and let us do the heavy lifting for you by dynamically sending the content with the greatest response, open rate, and social impact.

Read More


Don't berate recipients with email marketing. Set yourself apart from others by tailoring your emails to recipients Behavioral Rhythms. Mavaca can empower our accountholder companies to deliver a truly remarkable and exceptional experience for their recipients.

Read More

Additional Template Features

 Behavior Based Email Campaigns

Dynamic Send Times that predict the best time to send the recipient and email so that they actually read the email based on previous behavior.

Dynamic Email Content that automatically adjusts the email subject and content based on what is getting results within the campaign.

Secondary Marketing Triggers easily determine high interest recipients and target secondary marketing for those who didn't open the initial email.

 Powerful Offline Marketing

Paper Mailings Send paper mail with our PDF to Mail plugin.

Hand Written Cards Send your handwritten note in one or two clicks even from your phone. To date, it is the only system in the world that allows marketers, public figures, and luxury brands to upload a spreadsheet and send a handwritten card in bulk to large numbers of recipients.

Event Management allows you to send out event invites and manage the event all on the same dashboard. Have the statistics of the event sent right to your email, no login required.

 Amp Your Email Campaigns

Automated Email Campaigns so you can set it and forget it.

Contact Sync to be able to sync your contacts, google calendar, and business groups to create email campaigns.

Email Address Verification that is more thorough to eliminate bounce backs in order to increase your open rates. We wait up to 15 minutes for a response and make multiple passes. We can also verify your lists at regular intervals.