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Turn your email experience into a magically crafted masterpiece.

What makes Mavaca Mail powerful and unique is its full package of features including our Relationship Manager Plugin with Contact Sync & Email Verification; Campaign Manager with Email Blast Builder, the ability to send Paper Mail and Handwritten Cards, and Advanced Analytics; and Event Manager. Mavaca is first a web based email app, with strong CRM functionality, paper mail capability, and marketing automation focused on high deliverability.

Relationship Manager Plugin

Contact Import & Sync

We provide ways to sync your contacts, google calendar, and business groups to create email campaigns. The contact synchronization includes many file types, even an Excel spreadsheet. Our system is designed to be as user friendly as possible, allowing your time to be better spent where it's most needed.


Email Address Verification

We don't settle for one pass verification. We create a truly bounce-free environment by verifying each email address in your contact list before any mailings. This is done automatically in real time at the moment your email lists are uploaded, and we go deeper than anyone else in this verification process.


Create Marketing groups

Create specified recipient groups for different marketing campaigns, events, or email blasts. This allows you to grow your business as seamlessly as possible, sending out pertinent information to the right people, and click to call from any device right from Mavaca.


Event Manager


Send out event invites (with zero learning curve!) and manage the event all on the same dashboard. Have the statistics of who is coming to the event the event sent right to your email, no login required.

Advanced Analytics

See who is opening your email, who is responding, and who are the best people to make personal contact. Let your recipients tell you their level of interest in your company by watching their Behavior Rhythms, or automate the process and move contacts automatically through your pipeline.


Build Email


Build your email with our our email helper. Keeping in line with our user-friendly interface, our email system allows you to build and customize your email to meet your business needs. We allow for dynamic content within your email blasts which ensures that your recipients receive and open your emails that have been tailored to their behavior rhythms. This boosts your open rates and increases the effectiveness of your mailings.

Campaign Manager

Automated Controls

Once you've set up your email campaigns in your new campaign manager dashboard, you can set it and forget it. We will do all the heavy lifting for you, by sending out your emails, following your recipients' behavior rhythms, analyzing recipients' responses to your emails and alerting you of secondary marketing opportunities. Once again, our goal is to increase your the effectiveness of your communication.


Send Paper Mail

Send paper mail from your phone with our PDF to Mail plugin. Even send Handwritten Cards! Send your handwritten note in one or two clicks even from your phone. To date, it is the only system in the world that allows marketers, public figures, and luxury brands to upload a spreadsheet and send a handwritten card in bulk to large numbers of recipients, with your recipient's first name embedded. If you're only sending small batches of cards to participants of "very important meetings", there is not a more efficient, powerful, and easy way to reach out to those valuable relationships. With intelligent autoresponders as your contacts move through your pipeline, paper, print, and handwritten touches can be triggered automatically. 

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