Stop the guesswork behind marketing to everybody, and start maximizing relational engagement with individual recipients. Smart Marketers are listening to what their customers reveal about themselves.

    • Only Mavaca Mail lets you thrive in today's message-cluttered world.
    • Only Mavaca Mail gives you very large lists of opt-in targeted email addresses and lets you experiment and send as much as you want whenever you want. 

Let us do the heavy lifting and maximize marketing by tailoring your campaign to each recipients Behavior Rhythms.

Does Your Email Marketing Message Speak to a "Segment" or an "Individual"?

Increasing your client engagement efficiently and effectively with your email marketing campaigns has a direct effect on your company’s reputation, brand recognition and increased market share. Understandably, your email marketing software needs to be simple. Simple for the user to automate and interface. Simple to have your lists "cleansed" so you are not sending mass emails to invalid addresses. Simple to identify the names and lead sources generated by your email marketing campaign efforts.

Yet, your unique customers are not simple. They may belong to a “segment”, yet they buy as individuals. At MavacaMail, we provide your complex data in an easy-to-use format so you can more effectively relate to your most vital assets – the customers and prospects on your email list – as individuals.

Consumers are most likely to do business with brands who understand what they want, and will deliver it when and how they want it. Elite brands study the demographics and psychographics of their consumers, utilizing that data to excel at delivering a prime customer experience. They treat their customers like their individual desires matter most, because they do. MavacaMail’s proprietary email marketing software is specifically designed to serve brands who take customer relationships seriously. The behavioral data from sending initial mass emails to your mailing list is gathered and customized to expand and refine your marketing approach, optimizing future open rates and engagement.

From the moment you upload your list, MavacaMail will cleanse it for you, eliminating invalid addresses, reducing your bounce rate to statistically irrelevant. As your campaign progresses, your email recipients’ online behavioral data provides necessary information to hone your online email marketing strategy. Future bulk mailings can then be sent with an individually customized email message and delivery time, proving to your most vital relationships that you understand their needs. In other words, keep it simple for you.

Your Email Marketing Campaign is called a "Campaign" for a Reason

Tracking conversion rates, click throughs, opt-ins, page views. All the email marketing analytical data you can gather means nothing if it isn’t improving your conversion or your bottom line.

The analytics that are necessary and trackable by email marketing service providers have become an expectation for companies who depend bulk email to reach their customer lists. Information from email data bases define recipients by demographic data, creating details about anything from who likes ice cream or a certain genre of music to favorite travel destinations. Yet, will knowing your list’s individual interests necessarily improve your revenues if a bulk of your email messages don’t even get opened? Did you know that 20% of your emails actually end up in spam folders? Did you realize that messy lists that contain large numbers of undeliverable or bounce-back emails don’t exactly make your company a hero with your internet service providers (ISP’s)? How much is your undeliverable email message really costing your organization? At MavacaMail, we prefer a proactive approach for our customers to connect with their customers. Statistically, open rates have improved as much as a 400% over the course of a year due to detailed functional behavioral data, clean email lists and optimized timing of email delivery to individual recipients. We provide statistics beyond what time zone you can find the ice cream lovers. When you sign up as a MavacaMail client, we start by having you upload your email list. Next, we will run it through our responder software over a longer period of time than any other email marketing service in order to make sure that invalid user addresses truly are invalid. We also encourage you to send a test campaign piece to prove the legitimacy of our claims. MavacaMail proprietary software provides the data necessary for you to design and adjust your email campaigns to maximize relationship engagement. By tracking then utilizing your email recipients individualized online behavior patterns, our time-tracking data has been proven to dramatically enhance open rates. Your online marketing strategy becomes customer-centric as you increase your marketing reach.

Our dedicated approach to email campaign optimization also includes A/B testing of alternate subject lines and email body content. Once your email list is “cleaned” from invalid email addresses, bounce rates become statistically irrelevant, open rates improve, and more customers engage. Ultimately, higher revenues are what our luxury clients have grown to expect.

You Created An Outstanding Email Message. Will Your Target Audience Even See It?

You have created a knock-out email marketing piece that your online recipients have been yearning for – as expressed to you through social media, customer support and online forums. Your customer touch is broad and history has shown that your intensive email marketing campaigns have been your dominant revenue generator. Until recently. Your most recent email campaigns’ analytics showed dismal data – open rates have declined, and customer engagement was at its lowest. You could blame your copywriter for ineffective, non-curious subject lines or you could take a good look at what your customers are telling you through what you can actually measure such as open rates, clicks or message deliverability.

Writing engaging subject lines and helpful email content for your primary customer relationships, combined with individualized timing of your email marketing delivery with MavacaMail can ensure that your white hot promotion will hit the mark with those who are yearning for what your brand offers. Relevance of your ideas, concepts or products combined with a functionally effective email marketing campaign requires more customization than what you are currently tracking, especially if your client engagement is declining. In order to consistently keep your brand and offerings top of mind to your most important relationships, a significant open rate to your bulk emails is critical. Improvements are only made when a process is measurable. MavacaMail’s proprietary email marketing software provides the measurable behavioral data about your email recipients in order to obtain and retain the customer engagement you seek.

Some email marketing services provide reports with the basics of customer time zones, open rates, and click throughs and other basic reporting expectations. MavacaMail’s focus gives you those basics plus solid online behavioral data of your prestigious consumers – defining what, how and when to best influence your subscriber lists.

Customers of elite brands have grown to expect a heightened engagement experience. Their online expectations are no exception. Everyone is bombarded with offers and your primary business relationships can sometimes suffer. Let MavacaMail’s automated marketing system expand your touch from online emails to offline automated hand-calligraphied cards for your VIP clients. Keeping your brand front and center increases market share by enhancing customer loyalty so everybody wins.

For a limited time, the ultra-responsive, fast and friendly Mavaca staff will help you migrate your existing email campaigns and content over to Mavaca, at no obligation.  This is truly a try-before-you-buy valued outcome, and we think you will like it.  When you call +1(847) 387-9364 you can import your existing email content yourself, or we can help you on a complementary basis.


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